It's cool to own $cool

It's cool to own $cool


$cool is the token for works, products and projects created by CoOllOok Orion.

The $cool token is distributed to customers who own the NFTs Phygital works produced by CoOllOok Orion. The price of a $cool token for the year 2022 is set at 0.00000823 $eGLD.

Through the COOLBONDING concept, for each order placed exclusively on the website the customer will receive $cool tokens.

If the customer is a woman , she will receive 196 418 $cool for the equivalent of 1 $eGLD spent.

If the customer is a man , he will receive 121 393 $cool for the equivalent of $1eGLD spent.

This difference between women and men in tokens received is a choice motivated by the inequality in salaries between men and women.

In the future, we want you to benefit from the distribution of tokens from other partner projects through the COOLBONDING concept.

You can also own $cool tokens through periodic promotional actions that we will carry out on social networks and/or with our partners and sponsors.

At the end, you can receive $cool tokens on all MultiversX Telegram groups if you are active and cool via the !cool command of MultiversX Bot. (Thanks DrDefi)

Stay tuned :)

Phygital Concept NFTs

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