The Whales Gloden Coin S

The Whales Gloden Coin S

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COOL 728,880.16 -450,789.79

The Whales Golden Coin is the first PhyGital Art work, deferring to the Elrond blockchain, building on its powerful blockchain technology.

The parcels are handed over to the carrier every Wednesday and Friday. The delivery time is between 3 to 4 days for a shipment in Metropolitan France and between 6 to 8 days for an international shipment.


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The Whales Gloden Coin S

The Whales Gloden Coin S

The Whales Golden Coin is the first PhyGital Art work, deferring to the Elrond blockchain, building on its powerful blockchain technology.


An artistic tribute to the "eGLD early adopters", founders and pioneers of the great Elrond community. 

The limited edition of this physical coin, accompanied by its two associated NFTs, is the first step in a vast creative project. 

Aligned with the values of Elrond, we wanted to show in this piece the purity, precision and elegance that characterise this project, the team behind it, and the community that supports it. 

Whales have a sixth sense, allowing them to always find the path that leads them to their goal, through the perils, trials, and traps that haunt the world's oceans. 

In the service of their community, they never abandon their own, watching over them with sincere, faithful, unconditional love. 

Charged with this symbolism, it will serve as a compass, an amulet, in order to keep the course, the cohesion, and the will necessary to each one to become one day, a magnificent whale within the Elrond community.

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Specific References

Composition of PhyGital Art NFT

The commercial offer is based on the Phygital Art NFT concept.

Your order includes the following elements:

1. The Whales Golden Coin S series physical coin.

2. 1 NFT of the physical coin The Whales Golden Coin S series.

3. 1 NFT Digital of The Whales Golden Coin animated video in .gif format.

Addition to the collection:

1. To accompany your Whales Golden Coin, the NFT EXTRA DIGITAL TWGC++ collection offers you a video animation in MP4 format.


2. The NFT Legend or Truth collection, video format in .gif, offers you a 20% discount on our online shop until 21 November 2022.


Buy The Whales Golden Coin at the best price


2. Contact the customer service to obtain a one-time 10% discount code. You will need to provide your ERD address, your Herotag, and the serial number of your NFT EXTRA DIGITAL TWGC+++.

3. Spin the Wheel of luck abefore placing your order to try and get a €10 to €50 discount. Please note, that the code must be used within 20 minutes, otherwise it will be invalid.

Loyalty, affiliation and referral programs

- The loyalty reward is 2%, granted for all orders of €300 or more including VAT. The groups concerned are visitors, guests, customers and VIPs.

- The affiliate reward is 10% for each time a referral places an order for a product and is not limited in time or number of orders. When a visitor lands on a product page by clicking on your affiliate link, a pop-up message appears: "If you order now, you will receive a 10% discount. The discount code will be automatically added to your shopping cart" and can also be combined with other discount coupons. Only the Super Cool Investor customer is concerned by the affiliate program.

- The referral reward is 10% and is exclusively for influencers and high traffic websites. The referral receives a 5% discount code valid for 3 days and can also be combined with other discount vouchers.

Presentation of the physical elements

- The Whales Golden Coin.
- Its velvet box.
- Its acrylic box.
- A NFC chip integrated in the velvet box.

Characteristics of the coin

- Material: Metal.
- Type: Brass.
- Plating: Real 24K Gold.
- Dimensions: diameter 40mm, thickness: 3mm.
- Weight: 31gr.

Guarantee on the authenticity of the work

- Limited edition of 1000 pieces including 180 pieces from the S Series.
- The serial number engraved on the coin.
- The NFC chip which contains the main information such as the name of the work, the author, the serial number and the reference.
1 NFT dedicated to the physical part and 1 NFT dedicated to the digital part containing the same information contained in the NFC chip of the box and registered on the Elrond blockchain.

report_problem In order to take into account the hazards related to the delivery of physical objects, you will create a ticket here to confirm the good reception, in order to claim the related NFT.

N Series and S Series: What's the Difference?

The S series was born during the engraving phase of the phrase "The Whales Golden Coin". Fate caused 180/1000 pieces to miss a space between the words "Whales" and "Golden". The S series has 180 coins with serial numbers from 0001 to 0180.

Methods of payment

- Stripe: via credit card, the climate conscious will appreciate that we donate 1% of the volume to the reduction of CO2 emissions. CoOllOok Orion is part of Stripe Climate.

- Utrust: Use your cryptocurrencies to make yourself happy and safe.

- PayPal Pay Later: Spread your purchase over time by paying up to 4 times without fees, over a period of 3 months. Please note that this offer is not available in all countries.

- Amazon Pay

Tracking your order

Once payment has been confirmed, your order will have the status "Payment accepted".
The next steps follow:

- In preparation
- Shipped
- Delivered

An email or / and a SMS* will be sent to you at each stage of the process, which you can also follow from your customer area.

*You must fill in your mobile phone number and give your consent to receive notifications by sms.

Claim your NFTs

As a precautionary measure, we have decided that our customers should claim their NFTs by themselves after the confirmation of the receipt of their order.

To make a claim, Create a ticket and select the type of request "Claim your NFTs".

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    Jean-Jacques PERUZZI
    09/01/2022|Très belle pièce spéciale "S"

    Belle pièce série limitée de la collection.
    La pièce est très esthétique !
    Un bel objet de collection pour tous les fan de Elrond :)

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      The Whales Gloden Coin S

      The Whales Golden Coin is the first PhyGital Art work, deferring to the Elrond blockchain, building on its powerful blockchain technology.

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