PhyGital ART Concept

PhyGital ART Concept

PhyGital Art Concept: An artistic alliance between the physical and the digital.

The values that permeate our work are echoed in those of the MultiversX blockchain project, which we support as a contributor within the MultiversX France community.

Driven by an intense creative energy, we are fully committed to the production of powerful digital artworks associated with refined objects, creating the artistic bridge to connect the world of contemporary art and design with that of digital art and blockchain technology.

The PhyGital Art NFT Concept is at the heart of our artistic approach to offer the public a bidirectional bridge between the real and the virtual, creativity and technology.

Through it, we seek both to enrich our physical works by combining them with digital components, but also to reinforce the tangibility of our digital creations by adding physical elements. With a beautiful, tangible and luxurious object in hand, it is easier to explain blockchain to those who know nothing about it, and this is enough to convince many sceptics.

Our works, taking the form of physical objects accompanied by their digital images in NFT format, are intended to offer a hybrid artistic experience in tune with the sensibilities of a contemporary public caught up in the whirlwind of a transition away from the "natural & real" and towards the "technological & virtual".

Our collections, which are elegant, poetic and rich in emotion, are the expression of the human, cultural and technological revolution that inspires us and a whole generation of digital artists.

Phygital Concept NFTs

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